Sunday, May 01, 2005


man, i had a great writing session last night. i was possessed by the pen. and yes, it was way better than the crap i put down on this blog. the consequence of all that writing action is that i stayed up until two in the morning - but that's primarily when my best writing occurs. oh, well. the pin on my handbag in the picture below pretty much says it all.

thanks-stuffin' is coming up a week from today and i thought i'd just go ahead and get all the thanks & gratitude out now while i'm in the mood. next week could be a whole different story. i am feeling sentimental enough to do this now. try to keep the vomit to a minimum. ~thanks-stuffin' to my parents for the past year who have supported me (like they do every year, duh) through a lot of my self-created crap; i realize that sometimes it really hurts them to know some of the things they know about me, which is why i keep a lot of it to myself; but this past year, i was able to let some of it out.

~thanks-stuffin' to my siblings who i generally get along with quite well - in fact, to the whole family because i see how fucked up a lot of my friends' families are and realize that mine is relatively "normal" in comparison; also, we are all probably too honest with each other for our own good - it has its plusses & minuses - but at least i know i don't come from a family of oppressed people ~thanks-stuffin' to some fantastic friends who have been in my life for (what probably feels like a hellish Casting Couch Teens eternity to them) years & years and the friendships get better & better - NYCarrie (12 years & counting), joaquin (10 years), la-la liz (10 years), jeckle (3-1/2) - those are the primary, 1st tier pals

~thanks-stuffin' to hobbies other than drinking

~thanks-stuffin' to wit/humor & honesty

~thanks-stuffin' to good music - it's keeping me sane (well...most of the time)

~thanks-stuffin' to blogging - on good & bad days

~thanks-stuffin' to this weirdo life that has introduced me to all sorts of characters and situations and

thoughts and ideas and emotions (christ almighty, this really does read like a bad obit.)

~thanks-stuffin' to mrs. denhart, my third grade teacher, who made sure i knew i was special and talented

~thanks-stuffin' to all the people who have given me a chance, not knowing the ride they were in for by doing so

~thanks-stuffin' to the jackasses i have encountered who have been fantastic earning lessons

~thanks-stuffin' for stuffin'

~thanks-stuffin' for readin'